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Create Your Own Wallaper

Create Your Own Wallaper

When creating your own custom digital wallpaper, the essential thing to get right is image resolution. Because the wallpaper is designed to cover quite large spaces, generally images taken on even the highest-end consumer digital cameras will not be of suffiently high resolution to print on these scales.

Your image will need to have been taken on a professional end digital slr or preferably a medium format camera. Alternatively, we recommend as a great source of images, many of which can be purchased at very high resolution sizes - typically 250 to 300MB would suffice.

If your artwork has been created in a vector based design program such as Illustrator, quark, Indesign or Flash resolution issues will not be relevant as the files will be vector-based and therefore capable of reproduction on any scale.

If you are in any doubt whatsoever about the quality of the file you want to use, please contact us BEFORE placing your order on-line.

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