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posted by PATRICK, 06 APR 2016

After a very long time, Social Print Studio finally got around to offering canvas prints in the past couple of weeks.  The early signs are they have played it very safe - with a somewhat conservative roll out of four sizes and just one canvas profile.

Here at The Canvas Works, we're not afraid to admit that we like the cut of Social Print Studio's jib so we are anxious to see how their canvas prints compare to our own - which we rather humbly think are some of the very best out there.

To that end, we ordered a canvas print from Social Print Studio today.  Unfortunately, it takes like about a year for it to arrive so we can't tell you right away what the verdict is but we'll post a fair appraisal when it arrives, complete with photos.  

In fairness to Social Print Studio, they are a super company and they almost single handedly invented the hipster print thing. To an extent, we're all trailing in their footsteps despite the fact that Social Print Studio are the new kids on the block.

Having said all that - their onsite experience, whilst good (and fast) is no better than ours and inferior in one or two key ways. Yep, they're good at whispering sweet nothings in your ear - with humorous asides and witty repartee but they won't always be able to play the "young upstart" card and may have to grow up as time goes on.  As a keen Social Print Studio watcher, I'm glad they've added canvas prints to their line up and am happy to compete head to head with them.  

Bring it SPS!

Full review to follow when the print arrives....