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Operation Transformation of Your Photos

29 Feb 2016

Operation Transformation is one of those genius shows on RTE that is a consistent ratings winner - and for good reason. January is a great time for getting in shape, the hosts are good and the show manages to cultivate a real community feel with the support the participants get from friends, family and their local community. 

The show's basic promise of renewal, re-invigoration and re-invention is at the heart of it's appeal and curiously enough, we see the same thing in-store and on our site when it comes to old photos.

Time and again, we help bring these old photos back to life and in the process, we often end up sharing a story or two about the subjects in the photo. It's one of the parts of our business I really enjoy. 

In fact, I recently had the opportunity to do it for myself and my five brothers and sisters. The photo above here is about 38 years old. It was an old 7x5" taken in Leixlip, Co Kildare when we lived there. I'm the little fella in the middle with the bowl top hair cut!

I've always loved this photo.  It looks like we may have been on sun holiday in Spain judging from the tans but I can assure you - it was just from playing all day outside on the street. As you can also tell from my younger brother's shoes. 

I gave each of my brothers and sisters a framed print for Christmas as a surprise and their reaction was incredible and very emotional. I didn't need to do much work with the photo, cleaned up a few marks here and there and punched up the contrast - that's all. Others we have done needed much more restoration work. 

Take my advice - try something similar yourself. Find some old photos from way back and let us transform them and give them a whole new lease of life. You'll be amazed at the reaction from your siblings, parents, friends - it really does stir something very close to the heart.

Our framed prints start at just €33. There may be some additional charges for restoration but they are very reasonable. 

If you've read this little piece, please share it on your social networks and maybe tag a friend or family member to plant the idea. We'd really appreciate it.




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