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posted by PATRICK, 10 MAR 2016

Shopify Blog on The Canvas Works

We've been picked up by Shopify twice recently - once in their Success Stories feature and the other as a feature in a blog post about great photography and art sites from around the world.

This one is particularly rewarding for us as it puts us in some wonderful company and gives us validation for the way we've gone about developing our site on Shopify.  Strictly speaking, Shopify mentioned us with reference to our range of vintage style travel posters and the way we have presented them on the site.  

The key objective for us in respect of this part of the site was making sure the visuals of the prints we were selling were front and centre. So often with art and photography sites, the actual image being sold is presented on a small part of the screen real estate which makes getting a proper sense of the piece quite difficult.

We decided to make our visuals really large and present them inside a real frame which can be changed to black or white.  It really helps the customer to understand what they are buying and how it will look on their wall.

We've taken a similar approach on the personalised photo printing side of our site - using clear, very large hero graphics for each product section and following up with high quality images of key features of each print product.  And of course, the customer gets to see their image at the end as a canvas, framed print, wood mount or poster. It works brilliantly - check it out.

Thanks so much to Shopify and thanks to you for reading. If you've reached this point, we'd really appreciate if you could share this blog on your own social networks so we can spread the word!