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Large Canvas Print Buying Guide - Size Matters

12 Feb 2019
Large Canvas Print Buying Guide - Size Matters

Why Our Block Canvas is Best For Big Canvas Sizes

When it comes to buying canvas prints online, one question we get asked a lot is “Why Should I Order a Block Canvas rather than a Classic Canvas?”.

Now, in the majority of cases, the answer is really just about personal preference. A Block Canvas, as the name suggests, is mounted on a much thicker set of stretcher bars.  We use two profiles for our stretcher bars: the block profile is a chunky 40mm deep, whilst the classic profile is a fairly slender 19mm.

More Robust

Many people simply prefer the thicker look of a block canvas as it sits on the wall. It protrudes out further from the wall - so it has more of a presence on the wall. I also think Block Canvas Prints look more robust and imposing and feel reassuringly heavy in the hand.

Great for Bleed Edges

Another reason I hear often for going with a Block Canvas Print relates to the edge style. We offer two types of edge finish - either a white edge or a bleed edge where the image extends over the sides of the canvas print.  In the case of a Block Canvas print, there is double the amount of edge. So for example, where you are printing a lovely scenic image of a landscape or a seascape or even a cityscape, the extra depth of the block makes the bleed edge all that more impressive.

Professional’s Choice

The Block Canvas is often the default choice of professional photographers and those customers who are pretty serious about the photo taking and printing. There’s no doubt that it showcases an image to the very best level.

Stability at Bigger Sizes

But there’s also another important reason for picking a block canvas.  When you get into the bigger sizes of canvas print, a block canvas adds a huge amount of stability to the overall frame construction.  So when you want to print a really big canvas print, the block canvas is the only way to go. So much so in fact, that our top three or four biggest sizes are only available as Block Canvas prints.  The two very biggest block canvas sizes also come with cross-bars support for even more stability - they are serious pieces of work!

Self Supporting

At the other end of the scale, in the smaller sizes, the nice thing about a block canvas is that it’s self supporting.  So you can literally just stand it up by itself (or maybe in between some books on a shelf) and it will stay upright. That’s handy if you don’t intend hanging your canvas print on a wall.  You can keep it on a bookshelf or a sideboard and at sizes like 30x20cm or 40x30cm it will sit up by itself. (You could always add a little blue tack underneath to fx it in place).

But Not on the Stairs or Landing?

Block Canvas Prints would be my first choice, regardless of size in almost all situations - perhaps with one exception: the stairs and landing.  In this case, the extra protrusion off the wall can catch people out and they can end up getting knocked off the wall. So if your stairs are a little narrow, maybe a classic is the way to go.

Need Advice?

As always, we’re happy to help and advise. If you’re not sure about which option to choose, feel free to send us the photo first. Mention you’ve read this blog post and you might even get a tiny surprise!

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