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posted by PATRICK, 28 MAR 2021

Framed Print Trends 2021

These days we’re doing as many framed prints as canvas prints on the site.  I don’t really think that’s a huge surprise to be honest - framed prints have always been super popular and offer a timelessly classic finish to any wall. 

Sure, canvas prints can be a little more durable, need a little less care and offer more flexibility for bigger sizes, but framed prints can add a finishing touch of style and glamour that canvas can’t match. For 2021, I’ve noticed a few key trends that you may want to consider if you’re thinking about freshening up your walls.  Here’s my top three insights into what our customers are asking for:

1. Non Standard Sizes

Customers are definitely looking for something a little out of the ordinary and a standard 3:2 ratio won’t always fit the bill.  We’re seeing a big demand for panoramic framed print sizes - not just in 2:1 aspect ratio but also 3:1 for uber wide angle shots.  I think this trend is partly driven by smart phones that can stitch images together to create high res panoramic images that look superb over the sofa or the bed.  Square sizes are also very popular - especially when hung together.

2. Gallery Walls

Increasingly, customers aren’t just shopping for one or two framed prints.  They want to create a feature gallery wall.  This could be a mismatch of shapes and sizes or for a sleek contemporary look, it can be a series of the same size and shape hung together.  Look out for Gallery walls combined with on-trend paint colours to create a real wow-factor.

Gallery Walls

3. Small frames for Lockdown Gifting

Small framed prints are proving extra popular in 2021 as people seek to connect with family, friends and loved ones they’ve been unable to see.  The smaller sizes can often be stood upright by themselves courtesy of a strut-back on the reverse and they ship very easily which makes them an ideal gift.  We’ve seen a definite trend for gifting personalised smaller prints like this throughout 2020 and 2021 as a thoughtful means of staying in touch.