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Collage Print


from €65.00

Quickly & easily create beautiful photo collage prints on a choice of different products.

  • Canvas collage prices start at €64.
  • Create a grid collage layout yourself in real time.
  • Or select the montage option and we'll create a bespoke design and e-mail it to you for approval.

Delivery is free in Ireland and usually takes 5 to 7 days.

Let us create a bespoke collage....

Bespoke collage layouts like the one above and opposite are created by us after you place your order and supply images.  Each one is unique and personal to you. Unless you specify otherwise, we'll come up with a design that we think best suits your images.  But you can tell us to feature a certain image more prominently etc - just give us the details in the notes box at checkout. Allow a few days for your bespoke collage to be e-mailed to you and we can amend until you're happy with the design.

....Or design your own grid-style collage in real time.

Our new grid-style collage prints allow you to design your own layout in real time on the site as you order.  Choose from 4, 9, 16, 25, 36 or even 49 photos.  The more photos you want to use, the bigger the print can be. Our grid style collage prints are designed for square images - such as instagram photos.  If your photos are not already square, you'll be able to crop them but depending on how many you want to use, it may be easier to crop in advance.

Each of our collage print prints also include...


Delivery of your collage print is free in Ireland. They're also expertly packed and event the box looks great.


Our grid collage prints can be designed by you in seconds.  Upload, arrange and you're done!


Retail is detail. Which is why our canvas and framed prints are beautifully finished with masking tape and hanging fixtures so they look amazing front and back.  


Free gift wrapping, along with some nice gift tags and message options are all available at checkout.

Collage Price List

Listed below are some of our more popular collage sizes - but there are more. Full the range, see the main Prices page. 

Print SizeGridMontageDelivery
40 x 30cm CanvasNA€645-7 Days
40 x 40cm Framed€69€795-7 Days
40 x 40cm Canvas€58€685-7 Days
50 x 50cm Canvas€68€785-7 Days
60 x 40cm CanvasNA€845-7 Days
80 x 60cm FramedNA€1395-7 Days
90 x 90cm Canvas€108€1185-7 Days