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6 Occasions When a Photo Collage Print is the Perfect Gift

21 Feb 2019
Framed Collage Print

6 Occasions When a Photo Collage Print is The Perfect Gift

Whether it’s a framed collage print, a canvas photo collage print or even a wood mount, there are certain occasions or moments in your life when a photo collage makes the perfect gift.  In this post, we’re going to give you six times when gifting a collage of photos will put you to the very top of the class and win you kudos, admiration and love from a partner, family member or friend.


1. The Wedding Paper Anniversary Gift Photo Collage

This should be a go-to gift for any self-respecting husband or wife on the occasion of your Paper Anniversary.  And in case you didn’t know, a Paper Anniversary is your first wedding anniversary. By now, you should have your wedding photos from your photographer and you’ve probably printed one or two images or maybe you’ve got the wedding album tucked away in a top drawer somewhere.

By the time your first wedding anniversary rolls around, you’re going to want to remember that amazing day in a high-impact, creative and imaginative way.  The Wedding Anniversary Collage ticks the box. For this occasion, my personal preference is to go with a framed collage rather than canvas - not just because it’s actually printed on paper, but rather because the framing adds a certain classic, formal feel that suits the occasion.

We’d suggest no more than about 10 photos for your Wedding Anniversary Collage.  That can be a challenge for some people who tend to want to cover off everyone who came, both sets of families, the wedding party etc.  But trust me, less is more when it comes to your Anniversary Collage. With fewer images, each shot has more space and can be bigger in the overall collage design.

To get started on your Wedding Anniversary Collage, simply select Framed Collage, pick your size and upload your photos.  That’s it - we do the rest for you, using our years of experience to come up with a design that is truly customised to you.  Amends are done via e-mail and your print can ship in as little as 2-3 days on our Express service.

Recommended For: Newly Weds.

2. The Disney World Holiday Photo Collage

Alright, technically this doesn’t have to be Disney World obviously - but you get the idea.  You’ve had an epic trip to a theme park - the kids have had an absolute ball and in between endless queues and the odd temper tantrum, everyone has had a way better time than they could possibly have imagined.  

You got some great selfies on the rides, you got the pics of all the kids with Mickey Mouse, you got the shot of the little one with his favourite Lego character. The point now is that you need to create a collage of the highlights that you and all the family will look back on in years to come to remember these times.

Enter the Family Holiday Collage on Canvas.  For something like this, mix it up a little by going with a Panoramic layout.  Who says your print has to be a traditional rectangle? The panoramic layout works great over a sofa in the den or can go in a downstairs toilet if you’re going with a smaller size.

Recommended For: Family Momento

3. The Road Trip Gift Photo Collage

Road trips make a perfect subject for a creative photo collage print.  If you’re lucky enough to visit us here on the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland, you have the perfect content for an amazing road trip collage.  But the principles are the same whether you’re touring the Pembrokeshire Coast in Wales, the vineyards of Sonoma County in California or the surfing towns and villages of Northern Spain.

With a road trip, you have a beginning, a middle and an end.  So we can design your Road Trip Collage in a roughly chronological fashion, showing everyone where you went, when you went and how it went! Another creative option for a road trip collage is to go with our “Instagram” style collage which is a grid of square images.  We can do up to 49 square images on a single canvas - perfect for all your insta shots!

If you decide on the Instagram style of Collage for your epic road trip print, then it gets even better because you can order online or via the app and see a real time preview of how your collage will look before you order it.  You can select images directly from your instagram account too so file selection and upload is a total breeze.

Recommended For: Best Friends and Roadies Everywhere!


4. The 50th Birthday Gift Photo Collage & Signing Board

The big birthday occasions are a time for looking back as well as forward. So whether it’s a 21st, 30th, 40th or 50th Birthday, celebrate and remember in style with a Collage on Canvas.  There may be a little more leg-work involved in creating a 50th Birthday Collage because odds are that some of the photos will not be digital. That means you’re going to have to digitise the photos first - by either scanning them or using an app like Google Photo Scan to turn them into digital shots.  

Once you’ve got your selection of shots, we’d suggest doing a cull to about 30 or less.  For a really good 50th Birthday Gift Collage, you’re going to need a spread of images from the early years, through school and college, trips abroad, girlfriends, family, pets, marriage, kids etc. Yes, you may want to consider a few embarrassing photos to add a little humour into your 50th Birthday Collage - who doesn’t have a few shots they’d rather forget but don’t go overboard - you want this to be a collage gift that actually goes up on a wall!

One optional touch for your 50th Birthday Gift Collage Print is to consider printing the collage with enough space around it for everyone to sign or write a message. This is known as a Signing Board Collage and they work incredibly well. Get a good quality black felt tip marker pen for the signing / message writing and for the finishing touch, present the collage print on an easel for easy signing.

Recommended For: Sons & Daughters of the Birthday Boy/Girl

5. The Year Abroad Photo Collage

So you’ve had a gap year or you’ve taken a year off to go travelling after University or maybe you’re just back from a two year working trip to Oz or Canada? Such a huge episode in your life deserves a proper print to look back on as the years pass.  We’ve had the pleasure of creating so many wonderful, unique collages that mark a year abroad. Australia seems to be a particularly popular destination for the Year Abroad Collage!

There are no major rules here - you can upload up to 50 images for this sort of collage and whilst many of the photos will print small if you go with so many, it really depends on how many good photos you have.  If you just can’t reduce it down to 30 or less, go with them all and we will find a way to make it work.

6. The Man’s Best Friend Photo Collage

Having recently lost a much loved family pet myself, I know a bit about this subject.  Monty was our beautiful Golden Retriever and when we had to say goodbye to him, I knew a collage would be a wonderful way for us all to remember him - especially our son who was only 4 at the time and didn’t understand what had happened and where Monty had gone.

There are some tips to create a collage of your cat or dog or family pet that looks as good as it can and does the memory of your much loved pet proud.  Firstly, try to ensure you are using shots from different times of your pet’s life. If it’s a dog, then you want shots from throughout his life - puppyhood to ripe old age (hopefully). Second, use shots with family members as well - this is about helping everyone to cherish their time with the pet they’ve just lost.  Ideally, a pet collage should also have holiday photos or shots on different occasions - like Christmas and summer holidays. You can really communicate how central your pet was in your life in this way.

When we’re designing a collage of your pet, we will try to have one central or more prominent shot and then arrange the other shots around this.  You can also request extra details like the Pet’s name in text and age in years. Talk to us and we will do our best to help you design a pet collage that everyone will cherish.

Recommended For: Younger family members from Mum or Dad.


7. The Music Festival Photo Collage

Whether it’s a weekend pass or just one amazing day, music festivals can be a wonderfully creative subject matter for a collage and make a great gift for friends or loved ones.  Live music has an energy that can’t be beaten and today’s modern music festivals are designed with photo opportunities in mind - from dazzling main stages, to romantic hidden corners, poetry tents, fairgrounds, food stalls etc.  There is colour and drama everywhere - people have come to party and whether the sun is out or not, everyone just wants to have fun.

Music festivals bring friends together in a common experience and a collage of your great weekend together makes a perfect birthday gift weeks or months later.  It reminds you of what a great time you all had and encourages you to book those early bird tickets for next year’s festival.

Recommended For: Lifelong Friends.

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