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Searching for Cheap Canvas Prints in 2024?

16 Mar 2024
Cheap Canvas Prints Ireland

Cheap Canvas Prints is always a pretty popular search term on Google for obvious reasons. In this updated article for 2024, I want to set out my thoughts on the issue of price versus quality when it comes to the photos on canvas market in Ireland right now. 

First things first - I know how important price is in the competitive marketing mix. For a commodified product like canvas prints, there's a band of pricing that most printers have to operate within if they are to remain competitive.  It's just a fact of economic life that margins have been eroded as the big international players moved into the canvas printing market in Ireand and drove prices (and to some extent quality) down.  We've responded imaginatively to the demand for cheap canvas prints with high value discount codes to our mailing list offering up to 25% off canvas prints every month. 

I've had to respond just ike everyone else by seeking out new suppliers, placing bigger orders for our canvas stretcher bars and rolls of canvas so I can get better prices and then try to pass those savings on to the customer. 

But for a niche player in the canvas prints market like The Canvas Works, attempting to price match the big guys would be a questionable route to long terms success.  We have to find another way to compete. 

I also didn't get into this business just to knock out the cheapest canvas prints I could. I wanted to make the best canvas prints I could - for my market. I wanted to do the job right. I'm highly educated (like most Irish people) and I've got a lot of pride in what I do.  I just don't think competing on price alone is compatible with being motivated by quality.

And that means having an unrelenting focus on improving quality.  How can we improve the canvas prints, improve the website, improve the service - even improve the packaging? That's what drives me personally and motivates me to keep working at the business and trying to take it up a notch or two.  

A great example of how we've responded to this agressive price competition can be seen in the way we approach investing in the website.  Thanks to grants for West Cork LEO, we've been able to invest over €20,000 in the website and mobile apps over the past couple of years.  We try very hard to make the site as easy to use as possible and this drives alot of repeat business for our canvas prints and framed prints.  

We also back that up with intensely personal service.  You try reaching soeone at the big international players on the phone to discuss your photo on canvas print - that is not going to happen. But we can offer that sort of service to our customers in Ireland who want great value canvas prints but also value the personal service and advice we can provide. 

And of course we're also offering local employment at decent rates of pay and where possible we use local suppliers too and support our local community. 

The bottom line for us? Cheap canvas prints will get us some business but the best canvas prints (or framed prints) will keep us in business. I hope!!

If you've read this article about how The Canvas Works tries to balance price with value and service for our canvas prints, please consider sharing it on your social networks so we can continue to spread the word about The Canvas Works! We appreciate it. 

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